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What our customers are saying

I found Tammy via an internet search, and what a lucky find she was! Tammy is an excellent and professional process server with very reasonable rates. I can see why she has a 100% success rate. She was super resourceful in obtaining intel on the person I needed to have served. She learned of his daily habits, whereabouts, and some aspects of his personality all on her own initiative. All of which led to successfully serving him without him even knowing it was coming. She followed-up with retrieval of court documents as well as filing the documents in an extremely time-efficient manner. All of this was quite important to me because I was doing this process from the mainland. If and when I meet Tammy, I will be sure to thank her again. I hope I never need another process server in Oahu again, but if I do, I will not work with anyone except Tammy. Mahalo times 100!

Tammy is as informative, helpful, and resourceful a person as you could want to find in a situation like this. Legal proceedings are not particularly fun to begin with, but Tammy patiently explained everything that was involved, WHAT she would be doing, HOW she would be doing it, and when I asked WHY, she had all the answers to set my mind at ease. She was efficient, kept me informed of every step in the process, and delivered! It should be known that this was not a routine serve, either. The Defendant had moved, and seemed to be constantly "dodging" her attempts. It had almost gotten to the point where I was going to give up, but Tammy kept saying "Let me try one more thing," and in the end she came through with flying colors.

It was such a pleasure working with her! Thanks so much, Tammy!!!

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